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The idea of OrganicAssistant first came to Graham Crisford (Managing Director of the company) while out walking in Scotland where he met Dr Walter Yellowlees, a proponent of food produced without the aid of unnecessary additives, pesticides and herbicides. Over lunch, Dr Yellowlees, told Graham of his research into the links between diet and health.

Dr Yellowlees practised as a GP for 33 years in the Highlands of Scotland. He was one of the early believers in the importance of a healthy diet in preventing disease. And has published several books setting out these arguments. In his most recent publication ‘ A Doctor in the Wilderness’ he tries to promote the link between a healthy diet and disease prevention.

“ I have published this book in the belief that my message has, over the years, lost none of its urgency. Indeed the industries, which dominate our farming and food processing, by vast sums spent on advertising, continue to wield immense power over the minds of consumers and producers.

Food and drink, highly processed and degraded by a multitude of additives, consumed by an ever expanding urban-based population inevitably rings a heavy load of degenerative disease. In Scotland, especially, refined sugar and constipation white flour are still consumed in huge quantities. Obesity and diabetes are rife: the overall incidence of cancer increase.

So heavy is the burden of preventable degenerative disease that, in our overwhelmed NHS, waiting lists grow longer. The promotion of health through sound nutrition is still not taught in our medical schools. But consumers, alarmed at the recent disasters of BSE and foot and mouth, are increasingly seeking organically grown produce. In spite of the valiant efforts of the soil association and other organic organisations, fresh organically grown food is yet a tiny fraction of our nourishment: less than one percent of the UK land is organically cultivated. As a result city dwelling populations are increasingly isolated from the realities and challenges of land use for health.

In medicine, the extraordinary success in alleviating suffering by new surgical techniques and by new pharmaceutical products encourages medical students to believe that the pursuit of health will be best achieved by the surgeons knife or by the latest pill. I remain convinced that true prevention can only be achieved by examining and promoting the links between diet and health”

Dr W Yellowlees 2001

To order a copy of ‘A Doctor in the Wilderness’ Click here
Jamesfield Farm. Some twenty years ago Ian Miller of Jamesfield Farm, Abernethy, decided that his land was being ruined by chemical farming. In spite of the derision of his neighbours who thought that he was daft, he began cultivating his three hundred acres according to organic rules. Sheep and cattle graze his grassland in rotation with various arable crops. A barn of the steading was turned into a retail outlet for organically grown food. From the Abernethy-Newburgh A913 road, customers had to negotiate about three quarters of a mile of farm road to the steading shop, so Ian decided recently that his shop would be better placed nearer the main road. .

Impressive Building. Last Monday, 30th May 2005, when I went to get a supply of organically grown potatoes and carrots, I had the privilege of being shown round the new two story organic shop built near the junction of the farm road and the A913; it should be ready for use by the end of June. I was deeply impressed with the size of the building and the excellence of design. The entrance leads into a large shop – the main retail outlet with shelves and counters ready to receive appropriate goods. Beyond the shop the tables and chairs of a fine restaurant await diners who will enjoy the majestic view of fertile farm lands stretching to where the river Earn joins the Tay estuary, with the Angus hills beyond. High quality hardwood fittings and furnishings give a pleasing finish. The adjoining kitchens and food preparation areas include walk- in freezer store rooms which are linked to a well equipped butcher’s workshop soon to supply the shop and restaurant with cuts of organic meats. The upstairs area gives scope for projects yet to be decided -- perhaps functions, meetings. {Organic wedding receptions?)

Why Organic? Ian has never regretted his decision to go organic. The success of his farm contradicts the claim of the chemical lobby that only the use of soluble chemicals will save the world from starvation. Jamesfield farm can make the remarkable claim that since going organic, not once has there been the need to call a vet. for livestock disease If organically grown food can bring such a measure of health to farm animals can we argue that the same protection would hold for human beings? Yes, was the answer to that question, given long ago in the published researches* of the late Sir Albert Howard, pioneer of organic growing. A few years ago I was amazed at the reply given to me when I asked a member of the Scottish Agricultural College what he thought of Howard’s work – he had never heard of Howard!

I hope that the example of Jamesfield will lead to further “advance” of the organic movement and will counter the attacks by critics, many of whom are supported by the chemical industry and by certain academics. One of the latter, an Edinburgh University professor stated in 2001: Cancer rates have dropped 15 per cent during the era of pesticide use. This is a monumental lie! Official statistics reveal an alarming over-all increase in the incidence of cancer in the last 50 years. ( The only exception is cancer of the stomach). In the US, in certain rural areas, the mounting the use of agri-chemicals has been followed by a marked increase in cancer incidence, especially in genital cancers and lymphomas which are thought to be caused by exposure to the huge tonnage of pesticides now being used. These results may be controversial; but surely common sense will, in the end, prevail.
Dr.W.Yellowlees. Aberfeldy, June 2006

Farming and Gardening for Health or Disease, Sir Albert Howard 1945.

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